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Advanced Reiki Practitioners & Reiki Masters welcome for the Karuna Reiki Level I Training Certification (Reiki Level III Practitioners & Reiki Masters must provide a copy of their advanced certificate.)

Class will be taught by Karuna Reiki® Master Terry Lauria; and are offered as three (3) different levels or an Intensive (3) day workshop.

Karuna Reiki®

The spiritual essence of Universal Compassion combined with Usui Reiki to create a powerful transformational healing.

Karuna Reiki® Training is the next step for USUI Reiki Masters

Karuna Reiki® course consists of two separate attunements, four master symbols, and a total of eight treatment symbols. These symbols have specific purposes such as:
          *Deep Healing
          *Transmuting Fear
          *Releasing Past Life Issues
          *Earth Healing
          *Clearing Cellular Memory
          *Assist in Grounding & Creating Peace
          *Balancing & Unconditional Love
          *Connecting with our Higher Self

Karuna Reiki® facilitates profound healings and often enormous personal and spiritual growth is realized as a result of this class.

Meditation for self-healing and removing blocks to our progress, utilizing the Karuna Reiki Symbols.

Instruction and practice in utilizing all eight symbols during a healing session.
The values and spiritual orientation of a true Karuna Reiki® Practitioner.
Karuna Reiki® class manual.

This class is a deeply healing experience.

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